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about us

About Us

Here at Knowledge Hunt, we search, gather, and handpick valuable free resources all over the Web. As a first-time entrepreneur, it's unlikely you'll know everything about running a business. A lack of knowledge can lead to avoidable mistakes that could cost your business money. We solve that by hunting and storing the knowledge, thus giving access to our readers to thousands of handbooks, guidebooks, reports, Twitter threads, and more. We believe that by curating relevant knowledge we can reduce trial and error for startup founders.

What type of resources are we gathering on Knoweldgehunt?

Following is the characteristics of the resources that we are hunting


All our resources provide a lot of value for the reader

In-depth content

All our resources provide a non-general, in-depth analysis of a corresponding topic

Hard to find

All our resources are challenging and time-intensive to find via traditional search

Zero to minimal promotional character

All our resources' primary goal is to share the knowledge, not to promote the product

Addressed to a specific topic

All our resources target a specific knowledge and have actionable insights

Related to business, economics and technology

Our primary focus is business, but we also hunt the knowledge on economics and technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us using email.

We manually search through the internet, handpicking only the best resources.

We understand that some resources represent the private opinions of their authors, sometimes with a goal of self-promotion. To minimize the cognitive bias, we are focusing on gathering the resources that provide raw data and facts so that readers can make their conclusions based on given knowledge.

Anyone who needs insightful information on a specific topic can leverage Knowledge Hunt.

Our team spends hundreds of hours searching and filtering the resources so that you don't have to spend the same time searching for desired resources.

Sure! Go to the details of the desired resource and click on the 'favorite' button. Be aware that the user should be logged in to use the 'favorite' feature. To access the liked resources, visit the' favorite resources' page.

Definitely! You can send us your resource through the form available on our website. We will review it and add it to the library.